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Get involved in improving the health of nurses! Partners come in different sizes and levels, and have one thing in common: making a specific commitment to help make nurses healthier. This can be anything – healthier foods at conferences or in the cafeteria, walking competitions, workplace napping policies, improved Safe Patient Handling and Mobility programs, or just helping spread the word about this initiative.

There are three levels of engagement available: Champion, Collaborator, and Connector. Scroll down to see specifics of partner levels.  All levels of partnership are available at no charge.  Your members, employees, students, and faculty do not need to be ANA members to participate. Partners may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Employers of nurses
  • State nurses associations
  • Specialty nurses associations
  • Nursing schools
  • Health care organizations
  • Consumer organizations


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Partnership LevelS

Partnership Level Breakdown

ORGANIZATIONS WILL:                  
Make specific commitment and set metric(s) for success     X            
Submit quarterly progress reports to ANA     X            
Register and engage in web platform     X     X      
Share information about HNHN and encourage nurses to join     X     X     X
ANA WILL:                  
Recognize partners on website     X     X     X
Feature success stories     X            
Share organization-specific survey data quarterly     X     X      


About the HNHN

This initiative aims to improve the health of nurses and by extension the nation.

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What is a Grand Challenge?

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